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Electronified - Relay - Mechanical LFO - 3U 10HP

Electronified - Relay - Mechanical LFO - 3U 10HP

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Technical Spechs :

  • Uses +12V , -12V Voltage Rails
  • Draws 300-500mA from the +12V Rail
  • Back EMF Protected
  • 0.4 - 1.5Hz Traingle Wave Output , Linear Potentiometer
  • 16Pin Eurorack Power Connector
  • 3U 10HP
  • 130 Grams
  • voltage range output varies slightly from model to model , but  can go  from -12v/0v to 5v/12v. Use the -12V option with caution.

Due to the relatively high current draw , it is suggested you try the module alone with your power supply and see if it can take the load.

Highly experimental by nature , but thoroughly tested. Exposed components and connections , avoid dropping anything metal or liquid on it.

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